Sun Energy - the approach

Through a continuous information exchange and tight relationships with international investors, Ren It local teams make a rigid selection at source of opportunities to reduce project mortality during the authorization phase, fit investor needs and comply with bankability requirements.

Ren It has implemented an innovative business model in the PV sector, based on the ability to coordinate every aspect of a solar project - authorization process, technical studies, financial planning and construction.

We manage all the stages necessary to implement a PV project, such as:

  • Field scouting 
  • Land (or roofs) technical analysis
  • Financial feasibility evaluation
  • Preliminary project
  • Application for grid connection
  • Financial structuring
  • PV plants project management
  • Feed-in-tariff application to the GSE
  • Plants construction and management

Ren It pays great attention to the new site scouting activity in order to reduce investment risks and optimize plant productivity over time. In our selection procedure we value:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Environmental, permitting and building limits
  • Area development in order to guarantee absence of future obstacles
  • Information about the possible developments of the selected area
  • Area security, to ensure low investment risks


Sun Energy Approaching Method