Sun Energy - the activities

Ren It has developed an innovative business model in the PV sector based on the ability to co-ordinate every aspect of a solar project (financial, technical and industrial) and thus provide turn-key solar power plants. We develop and manage all stages necessary to implement each project.

Ren It operations have been focused since the company inception on solar projects.
We are currently focusing our solar effort on three key activities in the photovoltaic business.


Framework PV fields development : delivery of a package of complete authorizations to investors that purchase them at pre-defined economic conditions through framework agreements.
Development involves all the necessary steps from scouting of the potential fields, to the acquisition of options on the land, to the obtainment of all the permits and authorizations, to make the projects ready to build and operate.

Development of PV fields including the construction of the plant together with an EPC partner - for integrated, semi-integrated and ground projects.
Projects are delivered to investors on a turn-key basis.
Ren It leverages on a network of local sub-contractors and on a direct access to equipment producers with factories in Europe and South-East Asia in case investors do not have its own access.

Purchase of fully authorized PV projects developed by third parties with the aim of either:
  • Offer turn-key solutions
    • Authorization + EPC (target: specialised funds with pre-negotiated supply of modules and inverters )
    • Authorization + EPC + Supply of modules and inverters (target: non-specialised investors and funds interested in full turn-key solutions)


Ren It is currently exploring the possibility of developing the Solar Thermodynamic technology in Italy, in partnership with a European key player in the renewable energy space



Sun Energy Activities