Who we are - Company Structure

Six scouting teams with deep local knowledge and a wide local network keep looking for new opportunities:

  • Scouting teams work on an exclusivity basis for Ren it

  • Each team is made of at least two people

Once opportunities are identified, the teams help with all the steps necessary for a full evaluation of the project by Ren It engineering teams.

When a project starts, local teams are coordinated to take care of the full authorization process, dealing with all the counterparties, including local public administration.

Ren it can also count on extrenal engineering companies where specific expertise is needed and on strategic partnerhsips with international key players in the renewable energy sector.


Ren It controls a deep network of local teams that are ready to originate opportunities in all the renewable energy fields in which it operates. Internal engineering teams coordinate the scouting and evaluate technically the opportunities.