Who we are

Ren It focuses on the green field development of sun, wind and bio energy projects in Italy and abroad.

We have developed a network of industrial and financial partners that support our growth and allows us to focus on the most interesting opportunities in the industry.

We take care of all the steps necessary to deliver renewable energy projects that are bankable, i.e. ready for the installation of the plants and the connection to the power grid. We are also involved in the acquisition of fully authorized projects which we develop and bring to production along with our partners.

Ren It has established partnerships with International and local players:
  • Financial Partnerships and Joint ventures with International investment banks and local commercial financial institutions
  • Strategic Partnerships with International groups operating in the renewables and environmental management services space
  • Local Partnerships with developers and contractors with a consolidated experience in Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna, Lazio, Campan

In Eastern Europe Ren It is partnering with a Venture Capital fund active in the wind, hydro and waste-management space. We are currently developing together a 200MW wind park in the region.



We have developed a strategy that encompasses the most interesting and profitable renewable energy sectors. Leveraging on our in-house engineering team and on a direct continuous exchange of ideas with our partners, we are able to spot the best opportunities in today's and tomorrow's market.

We aim on maximizing our industrial and financial network to gain access to a deal flow of the highest quality. Our network is pan-european, and so are the opportunities we look at.